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Our Team

Our Team

Epic Research is a proud employer to over 400+ associates ,Over 250+ professional sales analysts provide customer support to 10,000+ satisfied Epic subscribers across the globe. The research team is comprised of 70+ highly qualified NCFM/NISM certified analysts with 5+ years of market and research experience.

Core Team

The core research department comprises of 4 segment specific team - equities, commodities, FOREX and International markets. Each team focuses on the nuances of their respective markets. The teams also consult each other at times when the calls are dependent on inter-segment dependencies. For example, the commodities team frequently consults with the currency team before delivering a Gold or Silver call which may be highly dependent upon the USD/INR movement that day. This is the kind of inter-dependence of segments which helps Epic analysts deliver high quality advise to its clients.

The core team is equipped with high configuration computers fitted with twin panels to augment their effeciencies. They also work with premium software and data feeds from renowned data providers from India and U.S.A.

Research Operations Team

A separate team of operations analysts helps the core analysts with data analysis, preparing reports and validating fundamental elements that affect technical patterns.

Compliance and Audit Team

A Compliance team oversees the quality and accuracy of the core team on a constant basis. This team also acts as an auditor for the research department and ensures that track sheets are accurate and the calls given during the day meet the timeliness and accuracy parameters set by the Epic Board of Directors.

To learn more about the board composition and other management teams at Epic Research visit www.epicresearch.co/board-and-governance

E-Learning & Communication Team

E-Learning is one of the thrust area identified by Epic Research for imparting market knowledge using Web technology tools, Webinars, Social media and communication tools. It is the learning facilitated and supported by EPIC Research learning Centre . The E-Learning team is focused on connecting learners of stock market to enable with the market updates & trading trends and supporting in decision making while investing.